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Monday, October 26, 2015

This is the same work "AWL or Nothin'" I was staring at it and realized the two ovals were simply blank faces begging to be illustrated. I produced these rather folksy images. I found a story here. The black and white checkers brought to mind a Checkered Cab, maybe they will share the cab. All the abstraction of corrugated cardboard and movement is the rest of the world swirling around the two characters, his eyes are fixed on her, her gaze is coy reflecting back to the viewer. Looks like the first glance of romance to me.  Sappy love stories...but these two were right there telling me this boy meets girl tale. He's wearing a hoodie, she's wearing a white scarf tucked into her buttoned up coat. "It's AWL right there." Cute, not serious art, but, sometimes ya gotta go with the flow where it takes your crazy artist's brain.

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