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Monday, October 26, 2015

Presentation Folio Back

I started with the cardboard wrap/box that comes so conveniently wrapped around my 15X20" Crescent Board.  Once a piece is finished it needs a place to live until it is framed up for display.  So I thought it was so nice of the folks who make Crescent Board to package it in a very useful corrugated cardboard wrap.  I didn't open the new box when I started so I didn't have to worry about keeping the cardboard stiff enough to work on.  I wrapped the edges in duct tape for the durability it will provide.  I wanted to decorate what will become my "folio" and decided on this project design.  Tomorrow I will work on the other side.  I used modeling paste by Liquitex and applied it through a Daniela Wolfe StencilGirl Product design to get the giant swirl texture, I dried the modeling paste application then added some circles of cardboard from the ends of a spool of wide ribbon. Following the applied the surface textures I foiled the piece with silver aluminum foil.  I used metal embossing tools to texture the foil pressing it into the applied surface treatments getting a relief.  I used guilders paste in multiple colors to get the patinas. 

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