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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

"Harvest of Pure Gold"

Daisy Yellow ICAD challenge day 41, prompt, "roots"....He had no doubt thought that he would never see his wedding band again after it fell off while he was gardening. But a German pensioner has been reunited with his precious gold band after he picked a homegrown carrot – and found the ring wrapped around it. The unnamed 82-year-old, from the town of Bad Muenstereifel, told public broadcaster WDR how he had lost it shortly after celebrating his golden wedding anniversary. His wife reportedly assured him that he would find it, but sadly she would not live to see her prediction come true as she died six months prior to the discovery....not the only story of this kind...the first one I heard involved a young woman finding a gold wedding band on a carrot belonging to an elderly former owner of the property who lost it their first year of marriage and the husband had died. The young woman had gone to some effort to restore the wedding ring to the owner. Yet another similar story happened to a Sweedish couple with a 16 year separation between the bride and the ring. The common ROOT of these stories...a good garden harvest is truly pure GOLD.

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