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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Original silly poetry and a Christmas Blessing for friends and family


Little birdie on the branch
Come and take me to your ranch
What would birds herd?
Worms and seeds from bugs and flowers?
While we just sit and while away the hours
Our feathered friends know once the ground is white with snow
their lives may depend on the nature love you show.
So, did you fill your bird feeder, did you put out that suet?
Please, please do it. 
Merry Christmas my feathered friends and lovers of such
Please share your touch.
Thank you so very much
Now I must run out and do my best 
for my avian friends in the red vests.

by Mary Thoma

"Not all of us can do great things, but, we can all do little things with great love" Mother Theresa 

It is the little things we must attend because the big things so depend on their doing. I send a Christmas blessing to you and yours now and through out the year as you give your love, time and care to those "little things".

Joseph and Mary Thoma

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