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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

"You're too Kind"

Acrylic paint, stamp "Kind" by Honey Bee Stamps,  StencilGirl Products stencils designed by Snidle and Bautista. Artwork by MaryOklahomaThoma, art journal entry....Feeling philosophical....what does in mean when people say "you're too kind?" Are they being sarcastic or sincere? The virtue of kindness is so important. There are people who see being kind as weakness, Do we pay more attention to mean spirited acts? Is the beauty of kindness obstructed by brutishness? Art Journal entry, texture paste, stamping with HoneyBee stamps, Derwent XL Graphite, water soluable graphite dark wash 8B, Pitt Pastel Faber Castell, Inka Gold Lava Red, StencilGirl Products: 10-2015 stencil club Snidle, and L311 Bautista.